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Jan 9, 2013 12:00am PST
anything odd? why is the box so important to you? >> don't know. just is. >> slow down. >> i have no idea what i have got here. >> it says dybbuk. >> a word for demon. >> what does this thing with my daughter? >> mommy, who am i? >> once the box is opened, people die. >> i will trust him. beneath his wings, you will be protected. he will cover you. >> his truth. >> let my daughter go. >> i saw something in her. >> leave them wanting more. that's what happened. tavis: yeah, i think i've taken full possession of this film [laugh]. >> you don't even need to see it now. tavis: yeah. i was saying to kyra while the clip was running, is there anything left for you guys to want to go see? it is like i've seen the whole movie. speaking of which, this is the kind of thing i'm gonna tell her myself. i have to see this like in the middle of the day at like high noon. scary movies and i just don't -- >> you know, you're not alone -- tavis: we don't get along. i got to go at high noon, yeah. >> i've spoken to a lot of people who said, "oh, no, it is too scary. i get really scared." yeah, i used to get
Jan 12, 2013 12:00am PST
through all of that? >> i don't know. certainly it was in retrospect. i wouldn't have done it any different. i was willing to risk it. i'm a woman of a certain age and i thought, well, gosh, i don't want to do it in such a way that i'll drop dead halfway through production and they'll recast. i won't get to do it, you know after all of this. that's one of the reasons i went to a nutritionist and tried to do it healthy. but i found out it doesn't matter, field. it doesn't matter if you eat tons of tons of brown rice and you're eating this enormous amount of calories. it's still fat and, if it was gonna clog in my heart or my brain or wherever, i was gonna be dead, no matter what. tavis: i could be totally off base here, so i'm just asking you. you disabuse me of the notion if i'm wrong about this, but how much of wanting to be in a project like this i don't care if your name is sally field or whoever else in this town. is there a gravitational pull even to want to be in a project like this when you know even before it's done you don't know if it's gonna work or not but you know t
Jan 11, 2013 12:00am PST
-view mirror, so what, what do you think? >> i don't know what i think. i, i, i, i hardly ever look at that. i don't know. gosh, i looked young in "smokey and the bandit." i forgot. tavis: but what's amazing about this is the range, the range your career has covered already. >> well, it's covered a lot of years. it's like almost 50. it will be 50 years that i've been doing this professionally in '14. so we're almost in '13, so i started in 1964. so it's been a diverse road of ups and downs and sideways. tavis: yeah. we've got two nights to talk about that diverse road -- >> oh, good. tavis: -- of ups and downs and sideways -- mostly ups, i think. but this latest role will add, without question, more talk to this career, because it is a memorable performance. her portrayal of mary todd lincoln in steven spielberg's "lincoln." the film, of course, also stars daniel day-lewis and tommy lee jones, and so here now, a scene from "lincoln." ♪ >> you think i am ignorant of what you are up to because you have not discussed it with me? when high -- when have i ever been so easily baffled? i believe yo
Jan 10, 2013 12:00am PST
where things are unfolding to. you don't have to just kind of beat your head against the wall, which is what i kind of used to do. and also i think that there was more of a freedom in me too, so now i've experienced more like, i've experienced love to a new capacity and new depth, and i've also really stepped into my womanhood. so i think that the creation process was just more, like, open, and that's why i actually combined with so many different people, because i wanted to do things that i'd never done before. it was like i needed to do things i never did before, and that was just the feeling that i had from the beginning. tavis: i ran into aisha the other day, stevie wonder's daughter. >> aww. tavis: every time i see aisha we find ourselves in some conversation about how many people to this day still walk up to her when they discover that she's stevie's baby and that she's the one on the -- >> and be like, (singing) "isn't she lovely." tavis: you got it. [laughter] >> they go in. tavis: that's it. they go in when they hear that. so i'm wondering what you have now done to egypt. >>
Jan 8, 2013 12:00am PST
, don't you? look at this. you like this. >> it has an upside when you have daughters. she's a little annoyed by it. nah, we want to spend time together and see each other. tavis: speaking of navigating, how have you dealt with being the only male in that house? i have a friend of mine who has like three or four daughters and i tease him. i call him the ladies' man 'cause he tried four times and he could not produce a boy. so how do you do this every day? >> i always joke that i was raised in a testosterone house 'cause it was me and my brother and all-male cousins and my dad and everything. my poor mother. now i live in estrogen house. it's me and my wife and my two daughters and even two female dogs. so sensitivity has been beaten into me. i love it actually. you know, in a way, i've learned a lot through raising daughters. women are highly complex. again, i joke with them. i go, "you have all these feelings! there's just feelings everywhere!" you know, men are very simple and i'm a simple guy. i don't need much. you know, give me a football game on sunday or a baseball game during
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)